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My Asp.Net MVC application action is returning JSON by serializing one of several C# objects, depending on the circumstances (if an error occurred, one data type if one type of data was retrieved, etc...).

When I try to consume the JSON in a C# windows service, I am having trouble trying to figure out what type of JSON is being returned. Unfortunately from what I have seen, JSON serializers (JSON.Net and whatever RestSharp uses) all have no problem creating an empty object if none of the JSON matches.

I understand why this happens, but I am confused on how to figure out if the values serialized from JSON are legit, or if none of the JSON properties matched and the serializer just created an empty object.

Does anyone know how I would determine if a match exists between JSON and the type I am trying to deserialize to?

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I would recomment to use try catch block,if your deserialization will throw invalid argument exception then the string was not in proper format. If you are using System.Web.Script.Serialization

JavaScriptSerializer sel = new JavaScriptSerializer();


    return sel.Deserialize<List<YourObjectType>>(jSONString);

catch(System.ArgumentException e)

     return null;

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Deserialize won't throw an error if no json properties match your generic type, it will instead just create an empty C# object –  KallDrexx Sep 30 '11 at 18:59

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