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In the following code I expect the while loop to execute three times, once for each matching line in the input build.cfg file. This is in fact what does happen, but only if I comment out the guts of the case blocks -- i.e. the subshells starting with ( mkdir work ... and ( cd product ....

When executed as shown below, the loop executes only once (for BUILDTYPE == build)

When run with -x, it's clear that the shell loops back and executes the read but gets EOF, as there are no errors and execution continues with the setStatus line.

Clearly, something in the subshell is interfering with the outer pipeline file descriptors. Can someone explain exactly why this is happening?

    echo ----- $TARGET $BUILDTYPE
    case $BUILDTYPE in
            echo ">>> BUILD"
            ( mkdir work
              cp product/buildcontrol/buildConfig_example.xml work/defaultBuildConfig.xml
              cd product
              ./build installer-all )
            echo ">>> TMA"
            ( cd product
              ./build -f ..${SVNTAG}build.xml )
done )
setStatus 3
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Some command should be reading from stdin. Try running the commands inside the loop with stdin redirected:

./build installer-all < /dev/null


./build -f ..${SVNTAG}build.xml  < /dev/null
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Thanks. Both you and AH had the righr answer, and you were first by a couple of minutes, so you get the "accept". –  Jim Garrison Sep 30 '11 at 20:08

If anything inside the subshell eats your input, then you have several choices:

  • Check what inside ./build wants some input and supply that input or
  • cut of standard input of the subshells by using ( ... ) < /dev/null
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Interesting... I know that ./build does not read any input. However, since I didn't write it, and it invokes ANT under the covers, I can't be sure it doesn't do something with the file descriptor internally. I will try your suggestion. –  Jim Garrison Sep 30 '11 at 19:21

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