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Suppose I have these classes:

public MyClass
   public Property1 {get; set;}
   public Property2 {get; set;}
   public Property3 {get; set;}
   public Property4 {get; set;}
   public Property5 {get; set;}
   public Property6 {get; set;}
   public Property7 {get; set;}
   public Property8 {get; set;}
   public List<MySecondClass> MyList {get; set;}

public MySecondClass
   public SecondProperty1 {get; set;}
   public SecondProperty2 {get; set;}
   public SecondProperty3 {get; set;}
   public SecondProperty4 {get; set;}
   public SecondProperty5 {get; set;}

Supposing that everything is instantiated, how would I use linq to make a projection that just had Property1 and Property2 and a list that just had SecondProperty4 and SecondProperty5?

Something like:

myClass.Select(x=> new { Property1 = x.Property1, 
                         Property2 = x.Property2, 
                         //Some Way To add The list here

NOTE: Just to clarify myClass is a List<MyClass> object.

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myClass.Select(x=> new { Property1 = x.Property1, 
                         Property2 = x.Property2, 
                         SecondList = x.MyList.Select(i => new { i.SecondProperty4, i.SecondProperty5 }).ToList()
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I feel dumb for not realizing that! Thanks for the answer. –  Vaccano Sep 30 '11 at 19:28

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