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For a game like Social City or City of Wonder, how many kb is the serialized user data as stored altogether (ie, all the data stored together at its user id(key) in essentially a key-value database with a quality serialization like Protostuff or Kryo)

I'm trying to understand how much storage space would be needed for say 5 million users on average.

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That's an extremely arbitrary question that really has no answer. It depends on what data you're storing and how. For a game like Social City for example figure out every piece of data you need to store about the user, create a JSON object to represent that data and multiply by 5million... – SomethingOn Sep 30 '11 at 20:08
I'm interested in a real world example of a social game, approx how many kbs they store. – MetaChrome Sep 30 '11 at 21:22
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Since you asked for an arbitrary data point: a save-game POST block from Backyard Monsters for a fairly fully-developed base is about 56 kilobytes, after URL-encoding the JSON savegame data and attaching other related parameters. URL-encoding JSON expands it quite a bit, so with a good serializer and maybe compression you could get it down much lower.

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Thank you. I dunno why I didn't of looking at save requests. I can answer this question myself now thanks! – MetaChrome Oct 1 '11 at 19:47

I think for this kind of stuff, you will have to build a prototype or testing application with a limited deployment, and if you are trying to save the user's current game state (for example score, environment details, in a social game, interactions of a user for example, or other details about the game world) it is really anybody's guess, but you'll not have any kind of estimate without some accurate data, which can be gathered by making the game prototype, and making it available to limited set of people for research purposes.

And i have no idea about the game since you have not mentioned any details, but if i would recommend making some kind of mechanism to store as much data on the user's machine as possible.

But if it has a fixed table (table with fixed fields such as name, id, password, level, score etc) that has to be stored, make the table, take a pen, paper and calculator, and you might get pretty accurate numbers. But as soon as something like friend's list (in the game) etc is needed to be stored, nothing can be said accurately.

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