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I have a calendar table with data based on some conditions. The color gets filled only in the boxes where there is data and the empty boxes are not colored. How do I get all the boxes colored irrespective of the data's presence?

    =IIf(DateDiff("d",Fields!EndofDate.Value, Fields!EndDate.Value) > 0 ,"White","Yellow")

Please help!!!


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2 Answers 2

On the textbox properties of your date field, click on Fill, then click on the expression button next to Fill Color and enter the following expression:


That will make all the fields with NULL values have a white background and all others have a yellow background.

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I have possibly another solution which you can try, instead of using a IsNothing you can use a Choose function

E.g. =Choose(Fields!change.Value+1, "Gold", "Blue"....)

So if there is no change instead of "Gold" you can just insert ""

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