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I'm having a problem using a DataTable from primefaces. I have a Tree of searches, and when the user clicks on one of those searches a searchresult is displayed in a DataTable.

The DataTable fetches data from a database and uses lazyloading and server-side pagination. The columns are dynamic as well.

The only problem (now!) is that I have to click twice to make the DataTable actually show the results. When I first click on a node, The models "load"-method is called, the search (a databasequery) is run, and the result count is correct, and even the search header- and columns are correct - but no rows are displayed. The message "no records found" is not shown. When I click again, the results are shown. (Or "no records found" if hitcount==0).

I've tried to find the correct way to do this but I haven't found a proper tutorial. Btw, those searches are slow and must not be run twice, the code may be a bit over-complicated to avoid double-fetching.

Thanks for any tips or links!

My xhtml-page:

    <div style="float:left">

            expanded="true" >  
                <h:outputText value="#{node}"/>  


    <div style="float:right; width: 80%">


            <f:facet name="header">  
            <p:columns value="#{searchBean.resultSet.columns}"  
                <f:facet name="header">  

The session bean holding tree and datatable data:

private TheService service = ...;
private LazyDataModel searchResultModel;
private Query query;
private ResultSet rs;
private Pagination pagination = new Pagination(0, 10);
private List<Query> queries;
private SearchTreeModel searchTreeModel;

public SearchBean() {
    // Initialize to empty resultset WITH COLUMNS to avoid NPE: 
    rs = new ResultSet();
    rs.setColumns(new ArrayList<Column>());
    rs.setRows(new ArrayList<Row>());
    searchResultModel = new LazyDataModel() {

        public List load(int first, int pageSize, String sortField, boolean sortOrder, Map filters) {
            return rs.getRows();

private void fetchQueries() {
    queries = service.listDefaultQueries();

private void fetchResultSet() {
    log("fetching rs using query=" + query + ", pagination=" + pagination);
    rs =, pagination);
    log("fetched rs: " + rs);

public ResultSet getResultSet() {
    return rs;

public String getSearchResultHeader() {
    if (query == null) {
        return "<No search result>";
    } else {
        return query + (rs != null ? " [" + rs.getNumberOfHits() + " rows]" : "");

public LazyDataModel getSearchResultModel() {
    return searchResultModel;

public List<Query> getQueries() {
    if (queries == null) {
    return queries;

public TreeNode getSearchTreeModel() {
    if (searchTreeModel == null) {
        searchTreeModel = new SearchTreeModel().createModel(getQueries());
    return searchTreeModel.getRoot();

public void setSearchTreeModel(SearchTreeModel searchTreeModel) {
    this.searchTreeModel = searchTreeModel;

public void onNodeSelect(NodeSelectEvent event) {
    query = (Query) event.getTreeNode().getData();
    log("Node selected: " + query);

(This is Primefaces 2.2.1, JSF 2.1.1-b04, running on glassfish 3.1)

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