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Using Rails 3.1 jquery_ujs, I have a link with :remote => true, and the controller new action responds with js and render new.js.erb which contains:

$('#post-form').html('<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => "form")) %>');

It renders the _form.html.erb partial. This works.

Now I want to use Coffeescript, but renaming new.js.erb to new.js.coffee.erb doesn't work. Does the asset pipeline only work in app/assets? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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I had this same issue using Rails 3.1.0. Try renaming your file to just new.js.coffee. It should still render erb despite not having the extension on the filename.

It's definitely confusing that view templates don't follow the same conventions as the asset pipeline.

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confirmed; the partial is ERB evaluated despite missing the extension, and render is able to find the file fine. –  Teflon Ted Mar 28 '12 at 21:40
If you agree that this is confusing you might want to chime in on this issue: github.com/rails/coffee-rails/issues/36 –  silasdavis Jul 9 '13 at 9:38
A little update. As of Rails 4, you can (and must) add the .erb extension for it to be parsed as a template by erb before coffeescript. –  IAmNaN Nov 21 at 0:59

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