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How on earth do you check a number property is less than in Apache Ant?

<property name="small" value="15"/>
<property name="big" value="156"/>
<fail message="small is less than big!">
    <lessthan val1="${small}" val2="${big}"/>

From what I've seen (I'm new to Ant) you can only do <equal/>?

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Similar to stackoverflow.com/questions/4639902/… which sadly makes it seem like you'll have to embed some script. –  ccoakley Sep 30 '11 at 21:20
Thanks ccoakley. Pity I put less than in the header rather than greater than as the Stackoverflow search didn't pick it up :(. Voted to close as duplicate. –  Matt Clarkson Sep 30 '11 at 21:23

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You could use a <scriptcondition> (see http://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/conditions.html).

Read the documentation carefully because it would need installing additional jar dependencies in ant.

The condition could look like that (not tested):

<scriptcondition language="javascript">
    var small = parseInt(project.getProperty("small"));
    var big = parseInt(project.getProperty("big"));

    self.setValue(small < big);
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I liked the look of the isgreaterthan task in Ant-Contrib (already using that), I can't work out how to use it though. –  Matt Clarkson Sep 30 '11 at 21:30
@MattClarkson Are you maybe trying to use <isgreaterthan> in a <condition> task? From the link that @FailedDev provided: "Unfortunately, they cannot be used in the <condition> task". –  Jesse Sep 26 '14 at 17:40

Cheers JB Nizet, finally got there.

<!-- Test the Ant Version -->
<property name="burning-boots-web-build.required-ant-version" value="1.8.2"/>
<script language="javascript">
        var current     = project.getProperty("ant.version").match(/([0-9](\.)?)+/)[0].replace(/\./g,"");
        var required    = project.getProperty("burning-boots-web-build.required-ant-version").match(/([0-9](\.)?)+/)[0].replace(/\./g,"");
        project.setProperty('ant.valid-version', current < required ? "false" : "true");
<fail message="This build requires Ant version ${burning-boots-web-build.required-ant-version}.">
        <isfalse value="${ant.valid-version}"/>
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A "less than" comparioson of properties is not possible without either custom tasks or an embedded script.

But in most cases you can get away by applying the test not to the property but to the source of the values. In in a build system these "sources" are usually files. On files you can use the isfileselected condition together with a selector. Most selectors accept when attributes like less, more or equal.

The manual for the isfileselected condition show an example.

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The Ant addon Flaka provides a fail task that evaluates EL expressions, f.e. :

<project name="demo" xmlns:fl="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka">
 <property name="small" value="15"/>
 <property name="big" value="156"/>
 <fl:fail message="small is less than big!" test="small lt big"/>

output :

/home/rosebud/workspace/Ant/demo.xml:7: small is less than big!

see Flaka manual for further details

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Here is the usage of <isgreaterthan> condition task with out any scripting:

    <isgreaterthan arg1="100" arg2="10"/>
        <echo>Number 100 is greater than number 10</echo>

Also, arg1, arg2 value can be of property variable.

Note: <isgreaterthan> is an additional condition available with Ant-Contrib:


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