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I need to display the download progress in the notification area (like the Market does). I found several examples, all of them using the XML layout android.R.layout.download_progress. All the examples look great and simple to implement. The issue is, android.R.layout.download_progress does not seem to exist! It will not show up in Eclipse's intellisense, it won't compile, and even the official Android documentation (sorry, can't provide a link because I'm a new member) does not have this field. So why does it show up in multiple examples online? Am I missing something? I'd really prefer to not have to reinvent the wheel here.

Thanks in advance.

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android.R.layout.download_progress is a public but undocumented part of the platform. Try to avoid using it; see below for an example ProgressBar you can put in your custom Notification RemoteViews. –  dsandler Nov 9 '11 at 5:43

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You're not really reinventing the wheel. It's a really simple declaration.

<ProgressBar android:id="@+id/progress"

Now just, instead, use R.layout.progress_file_name

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It's probably not much help to you since you most likely want to run on older phones too, but there's a new API in ICS that makes this super easy: Notification.Builder.setProgress().

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