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Okay so I have a results table that once a user has chosen a row kicks off a couple PPR actions (hide some things, show others, fill out a few forms, etc.)

I noticed that when there is only one result in the table, clicking that row does not kick off the PPR. I hoped to kill two birds with one stone by forcing the table to select the first row always. However, I found that doing this still does not inform the other components on the page that the results table has had a selection occur.

So is there any simple function I can call in the backing bean after setting the row selection that will inform the partial triggers that it's time to take action?

If it helps here is the relevant code so far.

Object rowKey = this.queryResultsMainTable.getAttributes().get("scrollTopRowKey");
RowKeySet rks = this.queryResultsMainTable.getSelectedRowKeys();


After which I tried to two following approaches neither of which seem to kick off PPR

SelectionEvent se = new SelectionEvent(findComponentInRoot("resId1"), rks, rks);


AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().partialUpdateNotify( findComponentInRoot("resId1") );
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I saw elsewhere this code which at least forces a single component to refresh, I have not tested it to see if components contained are refreshed. 'AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addPartialTarget( componenintBindingVariable );' –  FaultyJuggler Oct 8 '11 at 21:14

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