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I have a child dialog which I created as a new dialog in the resource editor. Then I used a static control on the parent dialog to act as a placeholder. The child control is displayed where the place holder is using the following code:

CRect rect;
m_optionPanelPlaceholder.GetWindowRect(&rect); // In screen coordinates

optionsDialogPanel_ = new OptionsDialogPanel(settings_);
// Call Create() explicitly to ensure the HWND is created.
optionsDialogPanel_->Create(OptionsDialogPanel::IDD, this);

// Set the window position to be where the placeholder was.

This all works fine. There is a button on my child dialog which is set as the default button. Clicking the button with the mouse takes the desired action. However I want to just press the Enter key while in any of the edit text boxes on the child dialog and have the default button's action taken. However it's not working; how can I do this?

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When hitting the enter button in a dialog, the Parent::OnOK method is called. So you can probably call the Child::OnOK inside Parent::OnOK method.


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Make sure your button has its ID set to IDOK and not some IDC_*. MFC takes care of the rest!

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