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Im using cucumber with fork. I really like the run_all_when_everything_filtered on Rspec. that runs all the spec if there is no matching tag. Can I do this with cucumber. example in my auto test profile, i specify --tags @wip, but if there is no matching tags it run all of the scenario

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Can you clarify - you want to be able to specify a tag such as @wip, and have it run those scenarios tagged as such, but if it happens that no scenario in your whole suite has a @wip tag, then it will instead run everything? –  Jon M Oct 2 '11 at 18:12
yes that is correct –  ahmy Oct 2 '11 at 20:24

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I'm pretty sure that Cucumber doesn't support this natively. If you're using Guard to run these, you could probably get the behaviour you're after by calling out to a script or custom rake task instead of invoking Cucumber directly.

It should be fairly trivial to write a script or rake task to invoke Cucumber with the -t @wip argument, then check to see if the output contains '0 scenarios', and if so then run Cucumber again without a -t argument, to execute the whole suite.

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If you know the name of the tag, you can specify the tag with an "~" before the tag. That is --tags ~@wip.

What this means, is the tag you specify to cucumber, can be a boolean expression.

  • The "~" option before the tag, represents a NOT.
  • You can specify an OR, if you write --tags @wip1,@wip2.
  • You can specify an AND, by writing the --tags options several times.

I encourage you to run cucumber -h and checkout the option --tags, to see more information.

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I'm quite familiar with the tags option, but i use guard so basically it's specify in cucumber.yml. but switching to use tag means that i have to edit it manually. that's is what im doing now, rspec have this functionality when a 'tag' is specified, but there is no tag, it run all of the spec (like it's ignoring the tag). I wonder if cucumber have this feature. –  ahmy Oct 2 '11 at 16:47

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