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I'm thinking about re-writing a web app in Django or Rails and wondering about authenticating against AD. Is one ecosystem better suited for this (libraries, etc) or is it a toss-up?

(The app will be hosted on Linux)

I have lots of reasons for the re-write, one them is to make myself more marketable. Anyone care to comment on the which of these frameworks has better long-term outlook for a new programmer? (I've read the StackOverflow threads already, but ask just in case something new has come up).

Thanks in advance.

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A quick google to give you some pointers on using Active Directory in these environments.

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Thanks, Daniel. I'd seen the Django implementation but missed the Rails one you provided. – Bartholomew Apr 17 '09 at 19:42

I did Active Directory auth in Rails about a year ago. I did it similarly to the article Daniel linked to. It felt hacky, but it was an internal app, so it was acceptable.

Since then Passenger (mod_rails) has come out which could be a better alternative than FastCGI.

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