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I am new to Asp.net and C#.I am working in a project where I need to create GridView.Now I wanted to bind this column wise with the data.Like the column1 in the grid is "Category" in the table of database and so on. I also want to create the Hyperlink on the basis of the content in database for example I want to show the text of Hyperlink as "This is Java program" and URL specifies as "http://blogs.article?id=1".Please tell me that how I can do that.Currently I am able to bind the all three columns in the table to the three columns in the grid.

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Take a look at the HyperLinkField class. This should provide exactly what you're looking for.


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But I also want to get the content from the column in database and create the Hyperlink accordingly.Actually I am looking for binding the grid column wise rather binding it entirely. –  Amandeep Singh Oct 1 '11 at 5:12
Can you update the question with current code? –  Damith Oct 1 '11 at 5:19

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