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I am working in Java, and have declared two maps as follow:

private Map<MyCustomClass, Integer> map1, map2;
map1 = new HashMap<MyCustomClass, Integer>();
map2 = new HashMap<MyCustomClass, Integer>();

//adding some key value pair into map1
//adding some key value pair into map2

private ArrayList<MyCustomClass> list = new ArrayList<MyCustomClass>(); 

Now i want to insert the keys of both map in the above declared ArrayList. Is there any built-in method exist for this or i need to writes some custom code?

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Merge? Do you just want to concatenate without checking for duplicates? – Mark Byers Oct 1 '11 at 5:54
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To add everything:


To add only unique keys:

Set<MyCustomClass> keys = new HashSet(map1.keySet());


References: List.addAll(Collection c); HashMap.keySet()

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keySet() gets all the keys from the map and returns them as a set. The addAll then adds that set to your list.

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