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I'm trying to create a spreadsheet similar to Google Docs Spreadsheet or Excel where you have a table full of data. How do I make it so when I scroll vertically, the first row stays fixed and when the user scrolls horizontally, the first column stays fixed? I'm not looking for a plugin, just how is this done using HTML/CSS? I've ben looking at the code for Google Docs Spreadsheet, but I'm unable to pinpoint the solution. Can someone provide a simple example for this?

For example:

jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/tYUwd/2/

In the jsFiddle, when you scroll horizontally, I'd like .row-header elements to be fixed. When you scroll vertically, .column-headers are to be fixed.


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I'm fairly certain this cannot currently be done with only HTML/CSS. You can do a fixed header or a pseudo fixed first column with just HTMl/CSS, but you need JavaScript to get both working together. I would suggest checking out this site: http://www.8164.org/the-big-table-issue/

I would also suggest checking out these two possible solutions: http://cross-browser.com/x/examples/xtable.php http://www.disconova.com/open_source/files/freezepanes.htm

I've used the Freeze Panes solution before and it works great.

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