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I am trying to run scilab using the pexpect module with the following code:

                import pexpect
                c=pexpect.spawn('scilab-adv-cli -nb')

When I do


the plot shows up. But when I do

                c.sendline('[1 2]*[3]')
                c.expect('ans  =')

followed by


it gives me the following out put:

          '  =\r\n \r\n    3.    6.  \r\n \r\n\x1b[?1h\x1b=-->[1 2]*[3]\r\n\x1b[?1l\x1b> '

How can the above output be sanitised to obtain only say 3. 6. in the above ?

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Or give a try to:

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If all the output you want to read is that simple, then you can do:

largenum = 1000
# flush any remaining output
c.sendline('[1 2]*[3]')
# discard unwanted lines until relevant line
for i in range(3): next(c)
# get answer (in this case, a single line)
ans = next(c).strip()
# discard rest of answer

You probably know it, you are highly dependent on the way the scilab CLI outputs data.

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