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i have a checkbox tree using jquery. here's the code for tree_data.json :


and for the view is like this

<table border="1" width="500"><tr><td>
<ul id="tt" class="easyui-tree" url="data/tree_data.json" checkbox="true">
<tr><td>Your selected role are : </td></tr>
<table><tr><td>Your selected role are <input type="text" /></td></tr></table>

the output for my view is like this:


i want to ask how to get my checkbox value ? example : if i checked "Delete" and "Edit" then Your selected role are : "Activator_Delete","Activator_Edit"

thanks for helping


I'm new to use jquey, so please help me with giving me some example, not link


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Use the getChecked method of the easyui tree:

var nodes = $('#tt').tree('getChecked'); 

Here's the .tree method list.

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thanks Graham, but can you give some example ? im new to use jquery. –  ntep vodka Oct 3 '11 at 2:18

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