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Given (no comments about the XML naming necessary):

    <var name='model'>3100</var>
    <var name='type'>production</var>
    <var name='model'>0100</var>
    <var name='type'>test</var>

How can I construct an XPATH to select the node with the attribute "model" and the text 3100 using Ruby Nokogiri

I'm trying:

//var[@name='model' and text()='3100']

but getting "invalid predicate". Obviously that's just the XPATH with the Nokogiri calls omitted. I don't seem to be having any problems with the Nokogiri usage, so my request is just about fixing the XPATH.

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That works with nokogiri 1.5, Are you using a very old version?

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Doh! There was a stray parenthesis in my predicate that I didn't notice. Thanks for the help. – wadesworld Oct 1 '11 at 14:25

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