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We are using ASP.NET for our Canvas Page, however none of the link buttons (JavaScript Post Backs) work when using FireFox.

After a bit of investigation it appears that any javascript link i.e. <a href="javascript:..."> will not run.

When viewing the iFrame outside of Facebook the links work as expected.

Bizarrely javascript on an "onclick" event does work correctly.

Facebook Canvas:

Any thoughts on why this is happening, and how to resolve this? Other browsers such as Safari and Chrome do not have this issue.

Many Thanks,

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In some versions of firefox i've met same problem but i wasn't able to find out reason of problem since i've seen your question. thank you for this :). In my opinion it is a firefox bug working with iframes, and it is related with security concerns.

i've changed all <a href="javascript:anyJSFunction()"> codes to <a href="javascript:;" onclick="anyJSFunction"> and it works for my application.

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