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I am doing the MVC3 unrobustive remote validation for checking username availability.

It works fine, but it takes quite some time load the validation message! Is there any way to show a spinner/user name available checking message during the transition?

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You can do that with ajaxStart and ajaxComplete global methods.

ajaxStart :

ajaxComplete :

If you would like to implement some specific loading indicators (for example, inside the text input), you need to bind some methods with JQuery and listen to the remote validation. Then, when it kicks in, you can fire the indicator start method and when it is done, you can get it back.

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Thanx! Your Solution worked out well! – PradeepN Oct 3 '11 at 13:18

Use your ID attribute for activity_pane below

    function() {
      //this is the ajax callback 


Another link showing how to do this here.

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