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i try to built an url checker using the google feed api.

My problems:
1: the if(result) check doesn't work. Maybe an async problem?
2: any ideas for the rss,audio/video podcast check? I'm sure, i get in the response an url to the audio/video file (but i'm blind at the moment).

My idea is to check this url.

// somthing like that
if(typeof xxxx == 'undefined') -> rss feed
if xxxx.match(/mp3|wav|XXX/gi) -> audio feed
if xxxx.match(/mpg|avi|flv/gi) -> video feed


    // valid rss feed
    var result = urlCheck('http://www.bild.de/rssfeeds/vw-home/vw-home-16725562,short=1,sort=1,view=rss2.bild.xml');
    if(result){ console.warn('result1 is a '+result.urlIsA+' '); console.dir(result); }

    // valid video podcast
    var result = urlCheck('http://www.tagesschau.de/export/video-podcast/webl/tagesschau/');
    if(result){ console.warn('result1 is a '+result.urlIsA+' '); console.dir(result); }

    // valid audio podcast
    var result = urlCheck('http://chaosradio.ccc.de/chaosradio-latest.rss');
    if(result){ console.warn('result1 is a '+result.urlIsA+' '); console.dir(result); }

function urlCheck(url)
    var feed = new google.feeds.Feed(url);
        if (!result.error)
            var allEntries = result.feed.entries;

            /* if(XXX.match(/XXXX/,gi)) {
                allEntries.urlIsA = 'rss feed';
                return allEntries;
            if(XXX.match(/XXXX/,gi)) {
                allEntries.urlIsA = 'audio podcast';
                return allEntries;
            if(XXX.match(/XXXX/,gi)) {
                allEntries.urlIsA = 'video podcast';
                return allEntries;
            } */

            return false;
        else { return false; }

Working example

notice: your must copy the code in an *.html file, otherwise you get an error from jsBin

google.feeds.Feed is not a constructor
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Change your RegExps, so that only mpg at the end of a string is matched: /(mpg|avi|flv/)$/gi

Instead of using return, use callback functions:

function urlCheck(url, callback){

//Insread of return false:
//Instead of return true:

At your result checker:

urlCheck("http://....", function(result){
    } else {
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Thanks, works great :). Btw, do you know where the link from the media file is? it must be in the xmlNode, right? –  Peter Oct 1 '11 at 10:52
See the documentation for the tree structure: code.google.com/intl/nl/apis/feed/v1/devguide.html#resultXml –  Rob W Oct 1 '11 at 10:58

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