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I'm using com.mysql.jdbc.Driver (If it means anything). I want to be able to catch and properly process the exceptions I receive from MySQL. I want to know if the transaction failed, if there's already a primary key with the value I'm trying to insert, and all the other errors.

I want to do something like

    ... // Code
catch(SQLException e)

I've tried looking, but haven't found any, only some entries which talk about C# / .net

The main reason I want this is to see if one of my transactions rolled back because of the Isolation level I put, in that case, I'll have to retry it. And of course, some other issues.

Your help is much appreciated!

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drivers information is required, as the error codes returned are vendor specific. Please have a look at the following error codes for mysql, might be helpful

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Thanks for the information. As mentioned, I'm using com.mysql.jdbc.Driver on MySQL (Version 5.1 I think), and the connection is JDBC connector 3.1.14 – fashasha Oct 1 '11 at 10:07

The MySQL error codes are all documented in the manual (surprise!)

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