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Tomcat 6.29 creates a folder under temp folder in apache tomcat, and when I uploaded a file with the path req.getSession().getServletContext() + specified folder but when the application is redeployed another application folder is again created so the previously uploaded files stay at the older deployed application. I want to upload files under webapp folder/app_name but at that time I take the specified doesn't exist. I wonder if it is possible to upload and retrieve the files under the webapp/app_name.

Note: application is developed with spring+hibernate and deployed with maven.

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It's not clear for me that your application receives the uploaded files and save them or you do it by hand, for example with scp/ftp. –  palacsint Oct 26 '11 at 5:02

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Yes. Just use a relative path in your file handler code. Go up with ../../.. etc. Or you can make a direct server request against the old app from within your handler - servlet to servlet, for example.

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thanks Roger,but i think tomcat uses the files under temp/app_name folder because i tried to change jsps under that folder and the tried again from browser they changed.I rearrange my question as usage of which folder in tomcat is normal for such applications. –  yesildal Oct 24 '11 at 7:25
It seems to me that you're asking whether you can take control of where your files are stored; specifically whether you can store them in a subdirectory under your webapp. Yes you can. You don't need to getServletContext() to do it. Here's a copy-paste from one of my servlets that specifies a fixed location for files within the app directories: private static final String DEFAULT_FILE_PATH = "../webapps/myApp4/new_articles/"; –  Roger F. Gay Nov 3 '11 at 9:28

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