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I am using a jquery template for dynamically creating a list (columns) which has different items (they are also added dynamically) and also created a plugin which helps moving items from one list to 2nd or 3rd i.e. using jquery ui drag & drop, but having a problem while dropping the item to the newly added list.

Scenario: When I click add list button, it creates list on the page. So I added a list named 'list1' and each list have a button to add items on the list so by pressing it twice I added 2 items on 'list1'. And items are moveable/draggable/dropable. Now added a 2nd list named 'list2'. So if I try to move an item from 'list1' to 'list2' it doesn't do that instead the item moves to 'list1'. This is happening without page reload, but if I refresh the page and do the same action now the item can be moved to 'list2'. Here is the code that I am using the for drag and drop purposes is here (the following code is placed in my jquery plugin):

var id = $('.' + options.dropID);
            var id0 = options.dropID;

            $('.' + options.dropID).sortable({

                helper: "clone",
                revert: "invalid", // go back to original droppable when drop outside drop area
                connectWith: '.' + options.dropID,
                over: function (event, ui) {

                    // may be usefull
                    var sortableElement = this;

                    var dataToSave = {
                        name: ui.item.text(),
                        objid: ui.item.attr('title'), // id has changed for array so use original id stored in title
                        thisID: $(sortableElement).attr('id'),
                        array: $(sortableElement).sortable("serialize")

                    // save the new data

so I noticed a behaviour that the different behaviour is here: - added an item and no page load, it add following div

<div id="337" class="cardItem droppable">         </div>

so if i try to add item here it doesn't allow me.

  • after page load, it modify the above div to:

it adds ui-sortable to class attribute. So I try to search how or when this ui-sortable is added, it is done by jquery's sortable method.

and on page load I am calling the plugin like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(window).bind("load", function () {

I also calling the ListDragandDrop() after adding the new list or item but it doesn't add ui-sortable to the div, and I have to refresh the page so it can make 'list2' dropable. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong or what should I modify to make it work.

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JQuery sortables seems to have been fixed in the latest version for items added after the creation. If you're still seeing this problem, please add a jsfiddle so we can help with debugging.

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