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Is it possible to request the likes of a particular object for a specific time? I have to know the likes till 2011-09-30.


SELECT url, share_count, like_count,
       comment_count, click_count, total_count
FROM link_stat
WHERE url="'.$url.' and date <= '2011-09-30'"

Are there any date columns in the link_stat table?

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According to the documentation, no there are not. Personally I would be very surprised if Facebook maintained this information. It's a lot more efficient to just store the aggregate count than to maintain a distinct row for each 'like' that occurs. – aroth Oct 1 '11 at 12:48
I'm pretty sure they store all likes and timestamp, though this is not available for the API, aggregate tables are a lot more efficient for selects - this is correct but that doesn't contradict the need to store everything. – Anatoly Lubarsky Oct 2 '11 at 1:09

This kind of info is not available via facebook API but you can maintain it in your database, simply make a call every day and store it in your database and you will have historical info, build graphs for your objects, etc.

Also if your object is a page, application or domain you can check insights:

which will give you relevant info

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