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I require an approximate string matching function for Matlab. I found out that the Bioinformatics toolbox has the Needleman–Wunsch algorithm by calling nwalign(). The only problem is that it only works with amino acid sequences. So when I try compare strings with numbers and other symbols, I get an error saying: "Both sequences must be amino acids."

Is there a way to allow the nwalign() function to accept any type sequence or is there another matlab function which can perform approximate string matching which is not limited to bioinformatics?

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This has been discussed in this thread

It explains how to use a non-documented function to perform alignments with symbols other than aminoacids or nucleotides.

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Have a look at python's nwalign() .


It seems to take strings as arguments (yet to look at the source), so if you have numpy sequences or lists, you may need to convert them.

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