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I have the following jQuery

$('img[title*=\"Show\"]').click(function() {
        var position = $('img[title*=\"Show\"]').parent().position();
        $('#popover').css('top', position.top + $('img[title*=\"Show\"]').parent().height() + 150);
        if ($('img[title*=\"Show\"]').hasClass('active')) {
        } else {

I have two images with the title "Show Options." For some reason whenever I click on any of these images, it gets printed TWICE. When I only have 1 image, it only gets printed once. Why is this?

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instead of $('img[title*=\"Show\"]') inside click function use $(this)
if doesn't works use:

$('img[title*=\"Show\"]').click(function(e) {
        //other code
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You can use event.stopPropogation so that event is not bubbled further. Maybe your function is being triggered from two different events and other one also get triggered while bubbling.

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Use the following code

    $('img[title*="Show"]').click(function (evt) {
        var p = $(this).parent();
        $('#popover').css('top', p.position().top + p.height() + 150).fadeToggle('fast');
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