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I have a MongoDB collection and I'm trying to update all the entries in it to change the name of a field used to store a reference. The Query I'm using is

db.products.find().forEeach(function(p) {
  p.newField = p.oldField;;

The problem is that p.oldField is a DBRef following the standard format of { "$ref": "collection", "$id": ObjectId("...")}. When I try to run the; Mongo returns the following error:

Sat Oct  1 13:00:57 uncaught exception: field names cannot start with $ [$db]

I'm using version 1.8.2 of the MongoDB shell. I have seen this work on an older version of the shell (1.6.5), which is where I originally came up with this query. But I can't seem to make this work on newer versions.

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