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This is a fairly straight forward question but I'm having a problem finding a clear answer googling around. On MySQL 5.1.53, using InnoDB, and a varchar(1024) field (I'm indexing Exchange 2010 Event IDs). I'm wondering what the maximum key length is when I index this field. I'm wondering if I should shorten the field and use something like an sha512 hash if the key length isn't long enough.

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The answer to this question was already given here and there. –  dma_k Nov 10 '11 at 10:24

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The InnoDB internal maximum key length is 3500 bytes, but MySQL itself restricts this to 3072 bytes. This limit applies to the length of the combined index key in a multi-column index.

And, as noted:

An index key for a single-column index can be up to 767 bytes. The same length limit applies to any index key prefix. See Section 12.1.13, “CREATE INDEX Syntax”.


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