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I have some operating systems such as Windows 7 and Linux. Is it possible to run Dalvik on this Win7 and after that running an Android application or game?


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yes and no - your question can't be really answered in such general form :-( –  Yahia Oct 1 '11 at 18:34
general? In Java we install JVM on Win7 for example and after that we can run Java Application. Therefore for Java is possible. I want to know is it possible to have same situation for Dalvik? if yes, How? –  Hesam Oct 1 '11 at 18:39

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Android's virtual machine is tightly integrated with the OS (Linux). So, it is impossible to run it on Windows.

The lower-level components (OS and native libraries) in the Android system provide many services that Dalvik merely "translates" for the consumption of Java programs. So porting Dalvik to Windows is probably very hard and rather pointless.

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dalvik can definitely run on (normal) linux, and it's likely it can also run in a cygwin environment on windows.

As for being able to run Android applications, that is quite a bit more complicated. However, the AOSP source does have a "simulator" build, which does just that - runs dalvik natively on the host machine and provides an android framework etc, for running android applications.

Keep in mind however that the simulator environment isn't actively maintained, and will probably require quite a bit of "love" to get it to work.

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You can install Android on your PC with VirtualBox. Check out this tutorial.

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