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I'm using this method to split some text:

String[] parts = sentence.split("[,\\s\\-:\\?\\!\\«\\»\\'\\´\\`\\\"\\.\\\\\\/]");

Which will split me the text according to the specified symbols. One of the symbols is "-", because my text have weird things like this: "-------------- words --- words2 --words3--words4". Which will match my needs because it wont divide like this (in case i dont add "-"): "---words3---words4 (which will be considered a word in case i dont add "-").

But there is a tricky thing. I want to allow words like this: "aaa-bbb", which is is verified by this pattern:

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<![A-Za-z-])[A-Za-z]+-[A-Za-z]+(?![A-Za-z-])");

allow: aaa-bb, aaa-bbbbbbb not allow: aaa--bb, aa--bbb-cc

So my question is, is it possible to split my text applying the split above, but also considering this pattern is a word separator(for words like aaa-bbb) ?

Thanks in advances, Richard

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From what I gather you are after the following:

String[] parts = sentence.split(/[\-]{2,}/);
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