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I am getting this exception in Maven2 when i run mvn deploy

Please see the error

[INFO] An Ant BuildException has occured: Warning: Could not find file D:\bayer\service\target\${}.war to copy.
I have this below line under my POM.xml file 

Please tell me is it possible to see the that is forming at runtime ??

I have this line under my POM.xml file

<copy file="${}/${}.${project.packaging}" tofile="${deploy.home}/${webapps.dir}/${}.${project.packaging}" />

How can we debug this ??

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I tried this way : <echo>The version is kiran ${}</echo> and the output being formed is * [echo] The version is kiran ${} * – user974802 Oct 1 '11 at 19:39
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By default maven generated wars will have the following name:


In you antrun plugin you can reference maven properties ( see ).

So if you replace property by a direct maven reference it will just work:


( above assumes that your ant script is inside the pom.xml and not externalized )

You also can override that in the build section of your pom.xml:


For general debug output from mvn just use the -X flag

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