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how can i change this for loop to recursive in the event that if groupSize=3, n=6 will print 123 124 125 126 134 135 136 145 146 156 234 235 236 245 246 345 346 356 456

public static void printCombinations(int groupSize, int n){

    if (groupSize <=n && groupSize>0 && n>0){

            for (int i=1; i<=n; i++){
                for (int j=1; j<=i-1; j++){
                    for (int k=1; k<=j-1; k++){
                        int first = k;
                        int second = j;
                        int third = i;
                        if (i!=j && i!=k && j!=k){
                            System.out.println(first +" " + second +" "+ third);
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1. n can't be less than zero of groupSize is greater than 0 and less than n. 2. Your second for loop won't run because the first value of i is 1, so when j is 1, it's going to be greater than 1-1, which is 0. – mowwwalker Oct 1 '11 at 20:49
Can you post what you have tried so far? – KLibby Oct 1 '11 at 20:49
@Walkerneo: Seems like a reasonable use of recursion to me. – Mark Byers Oct 1 '11 at 20:50
@MarkByers, yeah, I thought he was doing something else initially – mowwwalker Oct 1 '11 at 20:51
OK, so you're trying to print all numbers with the amount of digits in groupSize using the numbers 1 through n such that the the digit in the hundred's place is less than the digit in the tens is less than the digit in the ones? – mowwwalker Oct 1 '11 at 20:56

Probably going to be rough around the edges; I'm just learning Java.

class comboMaker {
    public static void main(String args[]){
        String[] test1 = startCombo(3,6);
    private static String[] startCombo(int len,int digits){
        return combos(len,digits,"",0);
    private static String[] combos(int len,int digits,String cur,int lastdig){
        if (len>digits){
            return null;
        if (cur.length()==len){
            return new String[]{cur};           
        String tmp = cur;
        String[] rtn = {};
        for(int i = lastdig+1;i<=digits;i++){
        return rtn;

    private static String[] concat(String[] A, String[] B) {
           String[] C= new String[A.length+B.length];
           System.arraycopy(A, 0, C, 0, A.length);
           System.arraycopy(B, 0, C, A.length, B.length);
           return C;

    private static void prnt(String[] str){
            System.out.println("Invalid string array");
        for(int i =0;i<str.length;i++ ){

I included a method to concatenate arrays that I found here: How to concatenate two arrays in Java?

Also a method to print your string array generated with the combo maker.

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considering this was probably homework, it would have probably been better not to have given such a complete / explicit answer. – John B Oct 2 '11 at 3:21
Maybe it's not homework. Maybe this will help him when he otherwise would have failed the class. I honestly have no clue, but I'm trying to learn Python and Java, so I just wanted the experience. – mowwwalker Oct 2 '11 at 3:33
Thank everyone for the example given, I am in the process of learning java and this is about to learn recursion, the code above is written in not a good way though if I change the groupSize to 4, it will not work. So, I plant to write it in recursion way. =) – user963501 Oct 2 '11 at 4:27
Output if using comboStart(4,6): 1234 1235 1236 1245 1246 1256 1345 1346 1356 1456 2345 2346 2356 2456 3456 The length of the numbers generated can't be more than the number of digits given, or else there aren't enough digits for each value to be greater than the last. – mowwwalker Oct 2 '11 at 4:32
user963501: If you found this answer to be helpful, you should give @Walkerneo credit – John B Oct 2 '11 at 13:42

Create a method that will produce the suffix to a particular value with x digits and return a list of all possible suffixes. Might be something like:

List<String> generateSuffixes(int prefix, int suffixSize, int maxDigitValue);

The method would iterate from prefix + 1 to maxDigitValue. It would then call itself with the iterate value and suffixSize - 1. It would append the iterate to each suffix generated to create the list to return.

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