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i have visual studio 2005 and i am writing a shell extension for windows explorer.

It works in Windows Vista 32bit where i compile the project. It also works on Windows 7 64bit when the project has been compiled on Windows7 64bit.

Now i want to test it also on Windows 7 32bit when the project has been compiled on Windows Vista 32bit but it does not work !

Are there compatibility issues between c++ versions ?

The shell extension dll won't register. (side by side error).

Is it necessary to compile it on Windows 7 32bit to make it work ?

My dll is based on the example of "complete idiot's guide to writing shell extensions" on

Thanks !

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Did you get the manifest right? Does the 32 bit machine have the 2005 C runtime? – David Heffernan Oct 1 '11 at 21:29

it should not be compiled in debug mode but only in release mode.

also in a frequent example on the internet there is a bug and the int should get converted to IntPtr...

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