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I found a workaround for errors parsing JSON strings sent from (Firefox) browser using JSON.parse() in my controller, but isn't there a better solution?

rails 2.3.12
json (1.6.1)   

View --> Controller



var labels = ["4", "5"];
document.getElementById("labels").value = JSON.stringify(labels);


<% form_for(@theme_map}) do |f| %>  
<input type="hidden" id='labels' name='labels' />  
<%= f.submit 'Update' %>  
<% end %>  



  labels = params[:labels]     # get it from the hidden field  

the problem, and my hack solution, is here:

  #   labels.inspect returns: "\"[\\\"4\\\", \\\"5\\\"]\""  
  #   JSON.parse(labels) throws an exception.  
  labels.gsub!('"[', '[')  # remove the quotes  
  labels.gsub!(']"', ']')  # around the brackets.  
  labels.gsub!('\\', '')   # remove the escaped backslash.  
  #   now labels.inspect returns:  "[\"4\", \"5\"]"  

  labels_array = JSON.parse(labels) 
  #   now it's happy. 

Controller --> View

Just to round things out, and because it took me ages to figure this out:


  label_list = ["1", "2","3"]
  @json_labels = label_list.to_json  



  var exist_labels = <%= @json_labels %>;
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It's not at all clear what your issue is. You should never have to "fix" properly-done JSON either at the server or the client. – Pointy Oct 1 '11 at 23:35
I edited the question to highlight the issue. – PSorey Oct 2 '11 at 2:44

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It looks like the goal is to receive, on the server, something like this:

params[:labels]     # ["1", "4", "5"]

Honestly, you should pick one mime-type here and stick with it. If you're willing to post with actual JSON data (say, via an AJAX call), then your submitted data will work with no server-side changes and would look like this:

{labels: ["1", "4", "5"]}

If you're submitting form data, however, your request should look like this:


Again, that would be interpreted correctly with no server-side changes.

TLDR: Don't try to encode and decode JSON strings stuffed into form fields, it doesn't make much sense on the client or the server.

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I see now that I am mixing mime-types. Thanks for making that clear. – PSorey Oct 3 '11 at 2:40
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The problem is using JSON.stringify(). What is needed is .toSource().

var labels = ["4", "5"];
// document.getElementById("labels").value = JSON.stringify(labels);
document.getElementById("labels").value = labels.toSource();
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