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I have a couple of Excel Add ins. If I move to Office 365, will these add ins be available ? Is there any development support(VSTO) for Office 365 ?

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I to have been curious about the answer to this, so went looking online. From the following site, I'd say the answer is no. It looks like developing for Office 365 is more along the lines of SharePoint development.

I have seen advertisements online for products such as this... that look like they could provide a possible solution for taking a vsto application to the web.

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I think things have moved on substantially since this question was asked. Microsoft seem to be fully committed to the Add-in approach with Office 2013 and the equivalent VSTO tooling available in VS2012.

The Office Dev Center home page has Office 2013 and VSTO Add-ins written all over it.

This MSDN Blog Post also clearly shows Add-ins are still part of the strategy.

Until the full capabilities of Desktop MS Office are available in a browser, I can't see this situation changing.

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