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I want to achieve simple tasks - before dialog is dismissed, I want to set different close animation depending on my logic (getWindow().getAttributes().windowAnimations = ...). For examle, I have 2 buttons on dialog and i want to slide left if first is pressed, slide right if second is pressed. I have created style file with some animations for android:windowExitAnimation and android:windowEnterAnimation and they work if passed in custom dialog constructor. But I cant override windowAnimations within the code as constructor approach can no be used as I need different animations. How can it be done and why this code is not working?

        // close button
        _button_close = (ImageButton)findViewById(R.id.buttonClose);

        if (_button_close != null) 
                new Button.OnClickListener() 
                    public void onClick(View v)
                        // set animation
                        getWindow().getAttributes().windowAnimations = R.style.DialogSlideOutLeft;

                        // close form
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I have had same problem. Here is my solution:`

        alertCheckIn = new Dialog(this);
        alertCheckIn.setContentView(textEntryView); //my custom dialog layout

        lpDialog = alertCheckIn.getWindow().getAttributes();
        lpDialog.windowAnimations = R.style.FadeInDropOutDialogAnimation;



and then when i want to switch animation: `

        lpDialog.windowAnimations = R.style.FadeInSlideLeftOutDialogAnimation;


private WindowManager.LayoutParams lpDialog;
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Does not have any effect for me –  stoefln Apr 17 at 16:01

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