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I'm new to programming so please forgive me if this is a noob question!

I'm using Cake to build a blog, with the models users and entries.

I have a View page for the blog entries and I would like to add a list with all the other entries that its creator has written to it.

So what I need is for the find function in my entries controller to display only the entries with the same number as the foreign key "user_id" of the currently viewed entry.

Currently, in the entries controller I have added the following:

        $this->Entry->find('all', array(
            'conditions'=>array('Entry.user_id' => $id)

So it takes the parameter of the view action, rather than its foreign key, which isn't quite what I want.

But the problem is that I just can't think of how to get the foreign key...

Hope you can help me out with that, thanks.

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this data should be available to you by default if you've set up associations correctly (entries belongsTo users and users hasMany entries. have you adjusted $this->recursive at all? – Ross Oct 1 '11 at 23:40
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function view($id = null){
   $entry = $this->Entry->read(null,$id);
   $entries = $this->Entry->find('all', array(
            'conditions'=>array('Entry.user_id' => $entry['Entry']['user_id')

You will need a certain degree of familiarity of Cake (don't just blindly copy the code). Hopefully the above code will point you to the right direction.

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Anh Pham, that was just what I needed!! Looking at it now, I should have been able to think of that myself, but I guess I just lack the experience... ^^' Also, I noticed how you "forgot" that square bracket on purpose XD ! Again, thanks so much for the help! – AliTheBandit Oct 2 '11 at 10:43

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