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I have a mercurial repository on a remote VPS. The VPS has ssh access enabled. What are my options for pushing code changes from my development machine to the remote VPS?

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If your VPS has Mercurial installed, simply:

hg push ssh://username@host/path/relative/to/home

or add to the repo's hgrc

default-push = ssh://username@host/path/relative/to/home

and just

hg push
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FYI for anyone else that comes here, before attempting the above:

When doing hg push, you need a double slash after hostname, for an absolute path. See this answer.

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No, it's not needed, it just means something else. A double slash makes the path absolute on the host, a single slash is relative to home (as correctly mentioned in Lazy Badger's answer). –  RedGlyph Jun 29 at 16:17
@RedGlyph, you are correct. I've updated my post to be slightly clearer about my meaning. –  deadbeef404 Jul 2 at 4:24

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