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I am using quickfixengine to build a FIX application. quickfix almost has no documentation, pretty much like a blackhole. I have a variable which is a FIX::Account type. I know it is a FIX string type, but how do I get the string out (to be a c-string). I tried something like this, it does not pass the compilation.

FIX::Account acct;

// populate  acct somewhere else


Compiler error is error: ‘class FIX::Account’ has no member named ‘c_str’

basically, I'd like to know how to get to know the constructor, interface of every FIX types? which files contain these?

thank you

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I assume you're using the C++ API. In this case, all fields inherit from FIX::FieldBase which has a convenient getString() method (see here).

I agree that is not easy to understand at a glance the declarations of FIX fields. That's because all classes related to FIX messages are directly generated from the XML specifications of the FIX protocol.

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getValue() method should be used for getting string fields. printf(acct.getValue().c_str());

Hope this helps.

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