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public void onClick(View v) 
  s.setText(s.getText().toString() + .5);

I want to have the value that is currently in s (EditText) to be .5 higher than it was before I clicked the button, I am a completely new to java and am unsure how to make this work. Any help is good help, Thank you in advance.

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Edit: as others have mentioned, doubles are usually better than floats.

getText().toString() needs to be turned into a numeric value before it's possible to add .5

try {
  double currentValue = Double.parseDouble(s.getText().toString())
  double newValue = currentValue + 0.5;
} catch (NumberFormatException e) {
  // text in EditText was not a parsable number
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float can cause unwanted representation. So if you want exact representation, try BigDecimal.

Modify your code

s.setText( new BigDecimal(s.getText().toString()).add(new BigDecimal( "0.5")).toString());
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First of all use Double.parseDouble() method to convert string to double.

double val=Double.parseDouble(s.getText().toString()) + 0.5;
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