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i have created a successfully hello world program with an image in it. and here is how it looks on windows 7


I have now connected to my DELL XCD to the computer, ensured that "USB Debugging" is ticked and also made sure that "Settings > Applications and enable Unknown sources" is ticked

I have followed all the steps given here - in android documentation

But the following steps fail:

You can verify that your device is connected by executing adb devices from your SDK platform-tools/ directory. If connected, you'll see the device name listed as a "device."

Here no device is displayed in command prompt.

If using Eclipse, run or debug your application as usual. You will be presented with a Device Chooser dialog that lists the available emulator(s) and connected device(s). Select the device upon which you want to install and run the application.

And this doesn't happen

I have the following packages installed currently android-eclipse-installed-packages

So how to deploy my simple hello world program on my phone now?

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You will probably need USB driver for you phone. I had experienced with sony xperia phone before. After i installed driver from sony websites, i was able to use my phone to debug my apps. –  PH7 Oct 2 '11 at 6:06
You may need the USB driver for your phone.In eclipse , yo –  Huang Oct 2 '11 at 6:54
oh yes, you guys are right, but problem was that the USB driver is NOT available in the official website, so had to search a bit more, posted it in answers –  footy Oct 2 '11 at 7:00
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After exhaustive search i found out that the USB driver required for my DELL XCD35 was available in the form of a .exe file on my mobile's original Micro SD memory card. The shocker was that there was no direct download available from DELL's website for the same. So if you loose this file, or have exchanged the Micro SD card for a better version then you are in trouble as you wont get it from DELL also.

So folks, i have uploaded the same file for those who want it. - Dell Phone Android USB Connector Device Driver

PS: I spent so much time on this silly matter that i had to let others know of this and wrote an article for the same, so that others don't make the same mistake lol.

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