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Is there a way to force regeneration of assets every request when using the Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline?

I am having problems getting the system to pick up changes to files when using Less (less-rails) with a series of partials and mixin files. If I could just force the system to generation on each request I would be much more productive.

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You can reset the assets cache with

rake tmp:cache:clear
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Autmoatization would be preferable. –  Niels Abildgaard Jun 4 at 13:22

To force a complete regeneration of all assets use:

rake assets:clobber assets:precompile

Very handy when asset_sync isn't playing fair with you...

I know this may not help you, but hopefully it will make it easier for someone else to find the answer.

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I worked it out.

The master.less file (as in the main less file that coordinates the other include files) needed to have the pipeline directives added to it.

So in my case, application.css contains:

 *= require html5reset-1.6.1
 *= require master

And master.css.less contains:

 *= depend_on mixins
@import "mixins";
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You should emphasize that the important part is "depend_on" :) –  Niels Abildgaard Jun 4 at 13:24

You have to run your server in the development environment. I think you can also use something like config.cache_classes = false in your current environment's config file.

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Was doing that, but turns out my issue was caused by slightly different problem. Thanks. –  Toby Hede Oct 7 '11 at 4:37

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