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I need to create a user activity log which I then insert into the database. And for this, I'm thinking of using mysql triggers instead of placing a query that would do this on every successful query. The 2 tables have no relationship at all. Here's an example:


  • fruit name
  • flavor


  • user id
  • name of table
  • time stamp


  • user id

Now every time I insert on table fruits, the trigger that would insert the values into table_log would also executes. My problem here is getting the user id which is stored in another table. How do I determine which user id to insert. As far as I know triggers doesn't require parameters, so I can't probably use that to supply the id from my script. Any ideas? Should I just use stored procedures for this?

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There are 3 approaches to this:

  • As you mentioned, use a stored proc to insert into both main table and a log table

  • Store the user ID (supplied by the app) as a column in main (fruit) table as "inserted_by" column; then have the trigger populate the log table and read the user from the main table.

  • Have the trigger automatically figure out the userid. This has two flavors:

    1. User IDs exist on applications side, but NOT on database side (e.g. a user logs in to a web page, but the CGI backend code always connects to a database as special "http" database user).

    2. User ID from the app actually connects to DB as identically named database user.

      In this case, you should use USER() (but NOT current_user() which instead returns whoever created the trigger, or more precisely, which ID was used for trigger permission check)

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When you insert into the fruits table, you also know the user_id value.

I would suggest create an blackhole table like so:

CREATE TABLE bh_fruit (
  user_id integer not null,
  fruit_name varchar(255), 
  flavor varchar(255)

Put a trigger on the blackhole table.


  INSERT INTO fruit (fruit_name, flavor) VALUES (NEW.fruit_name, NEW.flavor);
  INSERT INTO log (user_id, tablename) VALUES (NEW.user_id, 'fruit');
END $$


Now your php code becomes:

$user_id = mysql_real_escape_string($user_id);
$fruit = mysql_real_escape_string($fruit);
$flavor = mysql_real_escape_string($flavor);
$sql = "INSERT INTO bh_fruit (user_id, fruit_name, flavor) 
          VALUES ('$user_id','$fruit','$flavor')";
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