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Suppose the class Coord3D has a method

Point2D& Coord3D::get2DPart(){
    return *(Point2D*)this;

(Coord3D is just int x; int y; int z;, and Point2D is the 2D version of it with exactly int x; and int y;)

Would the following be safe:

Point2D x = Coord3D(1,2,3).get2DPart();

Or even something like

Coord3D x = Coord3D(1,2,3).getSelf();

where getSelf() is a function which does return *this;

Seems like it'll probably be safe, but people I asked aren't sure about it. Is this OK?

Edit: this is what coord3D and Point2D are:

struct Coord3D{
   float x; float y; float z;
struct Point2D{
   float x; float y;
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Are Coord3D and Point2D related? (i.e. directly or not, class Coord3D: public Point2D {}?) –  Mat Oct 2 '11 at 8:11
They're actuall structs, editing to add what they are –  kamziro Oct 2 '11 at 8:34
Still, are they related? If they are not, the cast is invalid. –  Mat Oct 2 '11 at 8:36
I guess they're not, but if the actual contents of the class is the same, don't inherit from any other class, and have no virtual functions, it seems like it would be safe? I have static asserts in place to make sure they're always the same expected size. –  kamziro Oct 2 '11 at 8:38
I'll probably work, but it's not valid. –  Mat Oct 2 '11 at 8:45

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Point2D x = Coord3D(1,2,3).get2DPart();

is equivalent to:

Point2D x( Coord3D(1,2,3).get2DPart() );

The temporary Coord3D you create here will last as long as Point2D's constructor is being executed. Therefore, using Coord3D'a this in that scope is safe.

Note that *(Point2D*)this smells. If Point3D inherits from Point2D, you can just return *this. If they are unrelated, it's dangerous.

Edit, following the question's update regarding the types:

Given Point2D and Point3D are not related, casting one into the other might work, but it's highly unadvised. A better approach would be to have Point3D inherit from Point2D. Another option would be to add, say, a GetPoint2D() to Point3D, and have it create a new 2D point out of the 3D. However, you might have then a real issue with returning references to local variables. Lastly, if you do take the risk and cast as is, at least use reinterpret_cast and not the C-style cast.

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Assuming the cast is valid in the first place (common subsequence of a standard layout type or whatever applies in your case), then yes this is valid as *this will live until ;.

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