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I have a directory called "aos" in which i have the results of the make, namely .o file and .a file.

My test case file in a directory called "test1" which is under the "aos" directory.

I am in the test1 directory which has a file called main.c (this is the file I want to execute). I tried compiling the file by giving the command

 gcc -Wall -pedantic -I ../gtthreads.c -o main main.c ../gtthreads.a

But I get these errors:

../gtthreads.c is not a directory  
../gtthreads.a is not a directory

What am i doing wrong here? How do I refer to the .a file and .c files which are in "aos" directory?

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The -I and -L switches are used to add directories to the #include and linker search paths respectively. So if you have headers in the parent directory, but include them without relative paths in your code, you can use:


which will make gcc look in the parent directory for headers.

If you want to compile main.c, and gtthreads.c from the parent directory into an executable, you can:

gcc -Wall -pedantic -I.. ../gthreads.c main.c -o main

If you want to compile main.c and link it with the gthreads.a file in the parent directory, just use:

gcc -Wall -pedantic -I.. -o main main.c ../gtthreads.a
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