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String s = "You should always brush your teeth before every meal in the day.";

but I want do split part of it into a new sentence like so:

String s = "You should always brush your teeth/nbefore every meal in the day.";

so the result is this:

String s = "You should always brush your teeth";

String s2 = "before every meal in the day.";

Basically, I want it to search for the "/n" and then separate the next sentence from the present one.

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Splitting the second string is easy. But if you want to split the first string, this is called word wrapping, which is a completely different topic. –  Roland Illig Oct 2 '11 at 8:57

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String[] str = s.split("/n");
if(str.length == 2) {
    s = str[0];
    s2 = str[1];
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You can split your string into an array of strings doing

String[] chunks = s.split("\\n");
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