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I have this function whose essential operations are outlined as follows:

function render($index) {
    foreach($things[$index] as $key => $data) {
        echo '<div>';
        /* irrelevant operations */
        if(isset($data['id'])) {
            echo '<div class="wrap">';
            echo '</div>';
        echo '</div>';

I can not for the life of me figure out how to optimize this function; I fear that PHP implode if the call stack gets too big.

Is there any way to optimize this function?

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I'm confused. So all you ever print out are nested divs? Or are you leaving out part of the function? Either way, this looks pretty optimized to me. I don't see any shortcuts for what you want to accomplish. – Andrew Apr 17 '09 at 23:48
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This code is untested, but from the top of my head, the iterative function should look something like this:

function render($index){
	$stack = array();

	$pre = '';
	$post = '';

		$idx = array_pop($stack);

		foreach($things[$idx] as $key => $value){
			$pre .= '<1>';
			$spost = '';

				$pre .= '<2 class="wrap">';
				$spost .= '</2>';

				$stack[] = $things[$data['id']];

			$spost .= '</1>';
			$post .= $spost;

	return $pre . $post;
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It's highly doubtful that you have to worry. If you're nesting divs deep enough that the call stack fills up, recursion depth is the least of your worries.

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What you're doing is effectively traversing a tree. Basically, this is no worse than just printing all the values in a tree. Have you experienced any specific troubles with it getting too large? How deeply nested is this tree?

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You don't NEED to use recursion to do a depth-first traversal of your tree; it just happens to work really really well. If blowing your stack is a concern, you could just run a long loop on all your elements holding just the last and current positions. Recursion is a simpler and (generally) better way to perform the depth-first traversal though.

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