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I want to draw a border around an image. But I can't align the border at the ImageView itself (like it is done mostly) because I translate and scale the image inside of the ImageView with the ImageMatrix (the ImageView itself is fill_parent / fills the whole screen). I had the idea to add a second image (which looks like a border) and translate & scale it in the same way as the image which should have a border, but it isn't very handy to do it this way. Has anybody a better idea to reach that goal?


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There are two ways to achieve this: 1) add padding to the imageView and set a background color to it.

final ImageView imageView = new ImageView(context);
final ViewGroup.MarginLayoutParams params = new ViewGroup.MarginLayoutParams(width,height);
params.leftMargin = marginYouWouldSet + border;
params.topMargin = marginYouWouldSet + border;
addView(imageView, params);

2) another option is to override the draw method of your view and there draw the border:

protected void dispatchDraw(Canvas canvas)
public class BorderDrawable extends Drawable{

private Rect mBounds;
private Paint mBorderPaint;
public BorderDrawable(Rect bounds, int thickness, int color)
    mBounds = bounds;
    mBorderPaint = new Paint();
public void draw(Canvas canvas){
 //left border
 canvas.drawLine(mBounds.left - thickness/2,mBounds.top,mBounds.left - thickness/2,mBounds.bottom,mBorderPaint);
 //top border
 canvas.drawLine(mBounds.left, mBounds.top - thickness/2,mBounds.right, mBounds.top - thickness/2, mBorderPaint);
 //right border
 canvas.drawLine(mBounds.right + thickness/2, mBounds.top,mBounds.right + thickness/2,mBounds.bottom, mBorderPaint);
 //bottom border
 canvas.drawLine(mBounds.left, mBounds.bottom + thickness/2, mBounds.right, mBounds.bottom + thickness/2, mBorderPaint);


Note that you are to give the middle of the line you want to draw(!) And also I haven't run, nor compiled this, so I'm not 100% sure it's correct, but these are the ways :) Rect bounds should be the bounding rect of your view - (0,0,width,height).

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I used second option. When i'm draging the image its border stays at its coordinates. I added a CustomView.setBorder method where the border-bounds are updated (parallel to ImageMatrix updates), but its not working. Do I have to call a draw-method or something? Ah. Seems like it did something wrong. Now its working. –  andineupert Oct 2 '11 at 16:15

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